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annoying as heck

How to get column inches through failure.

It all starts with this story:In a surprise move, Microsoft has announced it will offer a free anti-virus and security solution from the second half of next year.

Right. Nice. MS tried to get into the lucrative market of selling security and anti-virus software for WINDOWS, and managed to get less than 2% marketshare. Of the Windows market. Which they make.

MS now are planning to GIVE the software away. Just GIVE it away. For free! And if you paid for it, you can get a free copy too! Collapse )

I just don't get why they aren't pulling the trigger.
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annoying as heck

So cool it gets its own post

I'm going to cut to the chase here, as the things I want to say will just distract people from the point of this

Free Games Disk!!!1!!

This is a live disk from linux-gamers.net. What you do is download a disk image from them, burn it to a DVD, insert that DVD into your computer, restart, and you can play 16 or so 3D open source games, FREE.

- "Live disk" means that you just put the disk in your computer (needs to be a machine that will run Windows or Linux), and your computer boots off the disk and runs.
- You DO need to burn the DVD, and you DO need to tell your machine to boot from a DVD. Neither is difficult to do.
- Here are the hardware requirements, taken directly from the developer page:

"Hardware requirements Your PC must at least meet these requirements:

* intel x86 architecture
* 512 MB ram
* videocard with 3d acceleration

The games on the DVD have different hardware requirements, have a look on their project page. But all of them are running fine on a testsystem with this hardware configuration: AMD 1800+, 512MB ram, ATI Radeon 8500 (comparable to nvidia gf3)"

I have not done this, as I do not have a gaming machine right now. If you do, and you want to, you should.

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annoying as heck

An intermission for wrong

I don't normally care about the things that other people buy. I'm no Andy Rooney (though I have done some body-double work for him in the past). Rarely do I think that that anyone's critique of the things that other people like is worth speaking of in public.

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annoying as heck


CURSE these CONFOUNDED figuring machines!

Anyone else using Cox to connect to the intertubes and is having problems with their VOIP phone (Vonage or whatever) will now tell me about it.
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I gotta DVD. It's a DVD of me. I ripped it on my Mac. I say again, this is content to which I have legal rights. It's mine. Not stealing. So now I have a 2.1 gig mp4 file. I want to cut it up into pieces, and make those pieces a DVD. On my Mac, running 10.4. I have iMovie and iDVD. I don't want to buy software.
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Anyone got any better ideas?

Space for funny jokes about buying a different machine go here [].

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annoying as heck

Let's Consult the HiveMind

I have grown tired of the bubblejet/inkjet cartridge scam, and I feel I have contributed enough money to printer companies through it. They should be old enough to get a job of their own now.*

Thus, I need a laser printer for home. It will not need to print much, nor fast, nor often. That means that I need something not designed to screw itself if it's not used for a month at a time (which is why I'm not buying yet another ink printer*). I would like the cost per-page to be as low as possible, and I want to spend as little as possible. Yes, I would also like free pie!

So, who has one of these, and what do you think of it?

I just hope the huge number of comments on this don't take out LJ's servers.

*Yes, Epson, I am talking to you. Yes Epson, you may blow it a kiss as it walks away forever.

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