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annoying as heck

Just in case the LHC causes the end of the world

Remember that time you put something down, and then went back to get it, and it was gone?
And that time you thought it smelled in the elevator and you couldn't figure out why?
And the time you got to the checkout and there was no price on one item and it took forever to figure out the price and you were in a hurry and held up the line?
And the time that one tire was suddenly flat?
And the time you put your hand in something sticky on the escalator?
And the time the bus was late?
And the time that you got really sick from eating at that restaurant?
And the time that there was no paper in the toilet stall?
And the time that the dispenser ran out of towels after only giving you one?
And the time that the bank machine was out of service and you had to walk blocks and blocks to find another?
And the time that machine took your money and didn't give you your stuff?
And the time that your fries were suddenly stone cold?
And the time that your hair just wouldn't stop doing that?
And the time that there was a stone in your shoe but it wouldn't fall out?
And the time that the milk went bad overnight in the fridge?
And the time that your guitar was so strangely out of tune?
And the time that you got drunk way faster than normal?
And the time that you couldn't get to sleep?
And the time your alarm didn't go off, even though you remembered setting it?
And the time that drink tasted funny?
And the time that cake fell for no reason?

I did that. It was me.

Spam sez "Great Ape Scolded for Pulling Fire Alarm"
annoying as heck

IDTSTF - Second installment

Sunflower Butter (like peanut butter, only made from sunflower seeds) is really quite good. Not "quite good for being a substitute," but quite good in its own right. If I could still eat peanuts [pauses to curse fate], I would nonetheless eat this instead of most peanut butter, especially the sugary-fakey Jif types of things. Like all nut butters (Say THAT without having to stifle a smile), it's just chock fulla fat, but there are worse things in the world, and certainly much worse fats.
Spam says "Do not deny that plesure"
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annoying as heck

IDTSTF - First installment

Pepsi and soy milk are actually pretty good together. If you like milk and Coke, you'll like this too.

"I'll do the stupid thing first and then you shy people follow..."
- Frank Zappa
Spam sez "girls like it hot!"
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