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What Happens When I Clean Out my old Mail

This was in an email I sent on Dec 17, 2004, but it's just as timely and hilarious today!

For sale (in hard copy) or free download from Rand corporation: A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates

AND it's in .pdf format!

Please select the clever comment of your choice:
[_] Randomization is too important to be left to chance

[_] These things don't just happen for no reason, for no reason

[_] Some of these look really familiar

[_] Gets a bit boring in the middle, but the ending is a good one

[_] Something to read during number 2

[_] Hey look! Another long boring book with "Rand" on the front!

[_] Based on a true story

[_] Didn't they make a movie about this called "[insert name of movie you

[_] Didn't Rush make an album like this?

[_] If you read it backwards, there's a secret message