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A bit of pre-emptive bribery-by-information in this post, before I ask questions which no-one will answer.

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From this point on, in those rare occasions in which I need to make reference to marshmallow sauce, I shall instead call it "Marshmallow GRAVY." I think that this has the potential to be kind of disturbing.
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annoying as heck

Random Questions and Facts - Neutral to Negative

Please provide your own answers to these questions. Here are mine.

1) Jobs which are neither difficult nor unpleasant, but which I try to avoid:Collapse )

2) Questions to which I could find answers, but really don't want to:Collapse )

3) Top distractions when trying to sleep:Collapse )

4) Most common weird brain things:Collapse )

5) Aversions (not the same as "annoyances."):Collapse )
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annoying as heck

An exercise in self-restraint

From time to time, I buy things to throw to the audience at shows.

Yesterday, as I was wondering aimlessly up and down the aisles of the grocery store, I thought it might be funny to buy some glue sticks. I would throw them to the audience at some dark point in a show, and some of them might think that it was lip balm, and hilarity would ensue.

But then I remembered that I'm not THAT kind of jerk. Also, this breaks one of the Basic Laws of the Stoat Method, which is:

"Do not throw anything that you do not want thrown back at you later."

And yes, that law also applies to things you put on the 1nt3ebl04t.
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annoying as heck

How to apologise

I like a laugh. I like the humour. I'm a nut who jokes around.

I rarely mean harm, but sometimes people take offense. Usually, they have misunderstood my japery, and the spirit in which it has been administered. I DO NOT bother making the clever for the benefit of anyone I don't actually care about. It could be argued that, in order to do anything, you have to care about the subject to/for whom you are doing it. But I don't want to have that argument. I want to teach, I want to share. I want to CARE!

Here then, is an excerpt of a recent email I sent to a band I play in, apologising for something I said about the singer, which may have given him offense. Collapse )

I hope that this provides some comfort."
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