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Another pointless netdud quiz

This one came into my head because I was thinking of the "Words Which Will Make Me Leave The Party" thing that used to be on back before all the kids got into the blogging and the twitting and whatnot. I had thought of other questions, but then I realised the whole thing was probably related to that idea, so I'm gonna go 2.0, make it the title of the quiz, and the first question. Then I'll register, throw up a blog with an RSS feed and get some shirts printed.

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annoying as heck

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I never seem to have time to post lately. I always prefer to use complete sentences and really think my nonsense through. Without careful consideration, it's hard for me to capture the true essence of my snarky, idiotic, self-obsessed nature. Though it's not like I think about that much.

But in order to stay in line with the Web 2.0 philosophy that posting frequency IS posting quality, here is a list of stories that anyone can read on the Internet, which have been imbued with 2.0 goodness because I read them. Or at least saw the headline. Or saw a blog that mentioned that someone had read it, or at least saw the headline, or went to a blog that read the original story, or at least saw the headline. Or however that works.

  • Online politics reserved for rich
  • Jail threat for donkey bloggers
  • Man accused of climbing into pit toilet – again
  • Boost Your Brain's Health with Loud Music
  • BeerTroller brewing control system
  • Starfish PBX goes public
  • Secret US spontaneous human combustion beam tested
  • Cisco's UCS needs a bra
  • Boffins fail to detect Moon's strangeness
  • Russian prez launches YouTube channel
  • Chocolate-eating dog, aged 147, dies as world's oldest
  • eBay reaches deal to sell Skype
  • UVic's feral bunnies up for adoption
  • Sask. to ban texting, cellphone use while driving
  • Andromeda galaxy devouring its neighbours: astronomers
  • Pakistani minister shot and wounded: police
  • Good News For Attorneys With Bulging Muscles, Pretty Dresses, And HDTVs
  • Another Security Hole Discovered
  • Survey Shows Public Support For Ban on Text Messaging While Driving
  • Bank wants thumbprint from man with no hands

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  • annoying as heck

    Help me lazyweb. Help me aggregate.

    I am finally sick of Bloglines' fail rate. They just don't seem to be able to get their database problems solved.

    So I'm lookin' for a swingin' new way to aggregate. So what do all the kids recommend for a guy, a super-sonic guy like me to get his RSS on?

    Feature-wise, I'm fine with what Bloglines does (folders, marks new stuff, lets me save or quickly send stories, choose how stories are displayed), except for the part where it falls over and lies there, making that sound.

    I read about 55 feeds on a regular basis, and get about 1500-2000 stories from those a day, though a lot of those I dump without reading (e-commerce and deal sites). The interface has to deal with that without being assy.

    I like the idea of an actual local client for this. but I liked being able to read my feeds anywhere, which a web aggregator offers.

    If I could do client+web, I'd be tickled pink.

    My desktop machine is a Mac, running 10.4. I'm mostly using Opera as a browser right now, though I also use Firefox. I'm not opposed to Chrome, just never had a reason to use it.

    Make me happy, and I might send you a pen.
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    annoying as heck

    Windows 7, netdud zero

    I got asked by a nice person the following question:
    What are your thoughts on Windows 7? I've read good things about it, but wanted to get your take.

    Here's my short answer: I honestly know nothing about it.

    So far, what I have heard from people who have fiddled with it is that Win7 is faster, better, more. That's a promising thing to hear about software that isn't done yet. If you NEED to do something that Win7 can do and what you have can't, then I guess it would be worth looking at. Once it's done. I don't have ANY need for a new operating system, so it's not really that interesting to me beyond that.

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    If you NEED to do something that Win7 can do and what you have can't, then I guess it would be worth looking at. Once it's done.
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