netdud (netdud) wrote,

Just serve up the links, flu-boy!

  • Archive Team Deathwatch is where these folks keep track of web sites that are about to go under, and let you know what happened to web sites that have gone under. It's interesting. Seriously. And I am not just saying that because I have a stupid flu in my brain that has made me sleep all day and now it's late and I'm awake and probably insane. No. I'm sure I would think this is interesting no matter what.

  • Here is an Archive of autographs of famous Indian people. And yes, you can see HER autograph.

  • I am very interested in this here Amahi Home Server. It's a neat-o Web interface sitting on top of a whack of open-source apps, all of which makes it kind of easy to set up useful network services like a music or media server, central backup, and lots of swell apps. Kind of like having your own cloud, which is about the most asinine analogy I have yet managed in this blog. As soon as I catch up on the seven million other things I said I was going to do, I'll probably make one of these.

  • Holy moley! Do I ever love this online collection of seed catalogues from the Smithsonian Institution! That there is DEE-zine, people!

  • Hey! I'm trying out some content management stuff lately. I am enjoying the Concrete5 for basic site stuff. Simple, insanely easy to install, and very very easy to actually use (as long as you are not using Opera on a Mac. Ahhh! AJAX--the "J" is what makes it suck!). I'm probably going to drive myself insane trying to mess around with making themes for this. Joy!

  • For a nice simple blogging tool (present company excepted), I'm kinda messing around with Bloxsom. Tools really don't get much simpler than this, and I like the philosophy of making this thing as simple as possible. It also has a really nice bunch of plug-ins behind it. I have a crazy idea of actually using Bloxsom to create content in one place, and then using RSS to display it somewhere else. This might be insane. I have a pig in my head, you know.

  • Do you sometimes go to bed and then wonder if you left the garage door open? neither. Frankly, anyone who wants the massive heap of empty cat-litter boxes and or old tins of flammable liquids I store in my garage is welcome to them. If you do happen to be one of those fussybutts whom this kind of thing keeps awake at night, you could follow this handy Instructable and make your own little light that lets you know the garage door is open.

    The rest of us could adapt this to let us know if we left the lid on the shark tank up. Or the basket with the lotion on it down. Or our mind dangerously open.
    Spam sez " Don't suffer from pain kill it, and we know how."
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