netdud (netdud) wrote,

You did some good stuff

now please go away, you silly old thing.

Just to re-cap this for you: Flavio Briatore was found complicit in the to fixing of a Formula 1 race, which he facilitated by telling a driver to CRASH ON PURPOSE. He was the team principal at the time--the head dude. The point at which the buck ultimately stops. Flav then repeated lied about whether the action took place, and then about his involvement in it. Bernie Ecclestone pretty much owns the business side of Formula 1. Bernie was part of the council that brought down the punishment--a lifetime ban--on Flav. But that was DAYS ago. Now Bernie says that the punishment was "Too harsh."

Bernie also says that Flav brought it on himself by lying. Per Bernie, everything would be OK if Flav had just said:

"Yeah, I thought it was OK to tell someone to CRASH ON PURPOSE in a Formula 1 race--the first one EVER run at night, by the way. I came to this conclusion after a few decades of experience in the sport, in which the things that might make it a bad idea to tell someone to CRASH ON PURPOSE must have never come up, but boy, I sure know better now. I've really learned from this experience of telling someone to CRASH ON PURPOSE, and I think that, after a few months off, I'd probably never again do anything as patently asinine and dangerous as telling someone to CRASH ON PURPOSE. Or lie. Wouldn't do that either!"

The part about abusing his power in order to endanger a driver desperate to keep his job? No big deal.

What a silly old thing he's become.
Spam sez "Kidding me?"
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