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In virtue you drink my thoughts, insinuate my pie [Oct. 26th, 2008|02:41 pm]
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Watch how I cleverly manage to tie my trivial self-interested bullshit to links that keep you reading.

What's wrong with people on Facebook?
- Over 300 search results for people named "Hugh Jackman."
- Over 500 search results for people named "Michael Hunt"
- Only 7 results for "Hugh Jarse"--including one "Hugh-Jarse Whole" which pretty much defines the term "Too Clever By Half."
- Someone I don't know invited me to a gig in Auckland, NZ on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, I have rehearsal that night. In Omaha. Where I live. 7790 miles from Auckland.


Last night I had a dream that Derek had been invited to play a show in a really crummy club here in Omaha by thejazzyone. So Derek had come down with the brightly-toothed Mark Olexson. They were both wearing satin jackets like the Beatles wore on Sgt. Pepper's. Jazz was wearing a blue satin Chinese dress jacket and jeans. I was a bit put out because no-one had told me that this was happening.

The sound guy was behind the (really rickety) stage, and there was a huge pile of wood and junk on the front of the stage. Derek was playing keyboards(!) and Mark was not visible. It was obvious that Derek couldn't hear himself, so I went and told the sound guy. He turned a knob and a bunch of whale calls and pink noise came out of the speakers and he said "How's that?" Derek made a signal like "HEEEEEELP!"

I told the sound guy "He's not going to be able to hear anything when he plays guitar through that thing!" and pointed at Derek's guitar amp. It was about twice the size of a Marshall head, with a matte silver front that had "HeavyMachine" stamped across it in large, businesslike letters. You could not see the speakers, but I had the impression that there were a lot of them, and they would be quite effective. The sound guy shrugged.

So I ran outside and got on my motorised chair. It was just a folding chair with a motor on it, which went very very quickly. I took off up the hill to go tell some people to come to the show. But once I got to the top of the hill, I realised that I could just phone them faster, so I turned around and headed back, at which point I realised that the brakes didn't work. I wore out my shoes trying to slow down at the bottom of the hill. Then I ran back into the club, but the Truman Capote-looking dude at the door wouldn't let me in until I told him who I was. He kept saying "Are you a senior? Is your name TBD?"

Then I woke up. Man, screw that guy for thinking I was a senior. He shows up in another one of my dreams and I'll kick his ass.

HERE IS ANOTHER GAME! This one is called "Physics Invaders." You will recognise some of it, and some will be new to you.

I think this is going quite well.

Dunno if I posted this before, but Roofray is a site that will help you find the solar potential of your house. Pretty sure your house has to be in the US though.

History of Internet Memes. For the Not-So-Webby, an "Internet Meme" can be thought of as "A thing that a bunch of people on the 1nterb4rg5 suddenly all start repeating at the same time, so it becomes momentarily cool, like those Budweiser 'Wassup' commercials, or 'Where's the beef?'"

The important part about memes is, of course, having d-listers re-hash them verbatim 5-20 years later on those "I [heart] the [time-span]" shows. I mean, like, what was UP with that?

I think I am the only person in the world who gets nostalgic when he gets a nosebleed.

Last night we watched "Swades" I liked it a bunch, though apparently it was a bit of a flop in India, despite having Shah Rukh Khan and Gayatri Joshi in it. I will say though, that it had some of the funniest-because-they-are-bad subtitles that I have ever seen in a Bollywood film.

Here are maps of India. You may find this surprisingly interesting and enlightening.

Here is a site with lots of 800 numbers.

Here is Transcendence, which appears to be a free space exploration/combat game. It only runs on Windows, and I can't be bothered running Windows just to try out a game, but it looks like it might be good. Go try it and let me know.
Do this now.

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