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IDTSTF - Third installment

The screen on the stove vent fan was really dirty. Really greasy dirty. Sticky grease-reduction and dust dirty.

Dishwashing detergent was ineffective, and hot water wasn't moving this stuff much.

I didn't want to use Bar Keepers Friend, vinegar, or any other acid-y base-y cleaner because the screen is aluminum, and would get eaten. I didn't have any sacrificial vessel for boiling the stuff off either.

So -
[I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THAT YOU BURN THINGS IN YOUR HOME. I am merely reporting on something I did.]

I turned on the gas stove, turned on the vent fan, and held the screen over the open flame with a pair of tongs for a very short time. And there was much smoke, and some small flames. Once that subsided, I did it again, over another part of the screen. Eventually, I got a lovely even dark-brown/black colour everywhere.

So it's no longer a greasy mess, but just a nice simple charcoal mess. I am now applying my mom's brilliant secret for removing such things from grills and such, which is to soak them in hot water and laundry detergent. The stuff just falls off.

[I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THAT YOU BURN THINGS IN YOUR HOME. I am merely reporting on something I did.]
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