annoying as heck

How about this:


However, if you want to take a break from work and stand 10 feet outside the building and eat them, we will let you.
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annoying as heck

You did some good stuff

now please go away, you silly old thing.

Just to re-cap this for you: Flavio Briatore was found complicit in the to fixing of a Formula 1 race, which he facilitated by telling a driver to CRASH ON PURPOSE. He was the team principal at the time--the head dude. The point at which the buck ultimately stops. Flav then repeated lied about whether the action took place, and then about his involvement in it. Bernie Ecclestone pretty much owns the business side of Formula 1. Bernie was part of the council that brought down the punishment--a lifetime ban--on Flav. But that was DAYS ago. Now Bernie says that the punishment was "Too harsh."

Bernie also says that Flav brought it on himself by lying. Per Bernie, everything would be OK if Flav had just said:

"Yeah, I thought it was OK to tell someone to CRASH ON PURPOSE in a Formula 1 race--the first one EVER run at night, by the way. I came to this conclusion after a few decades of experience in the sport, in which the things that might make it a bad idea to tell someone to CRASH ON PURPOSE must have never come up, but boy, I sure know better now. I've really learned from this experience of telling someone to CRASH ON PURPOSE, and I think that, after a few months off, I'd probably never again do anything as patently asinine and dangerous as telling someone to CRASH ON PURPOSE. Or lie. Wouldn't do that either!"

The part about abusing his power in order to endanger a driver desperate to keep his job? No big deal.

What a silly old thing he's become.
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annoying as heck

Guitar nerd topic of fun!

I was just emailing a friend about my new guitar.

Of course, the whole thing is a lie. I didn't really buy a new guitar.

I think I did a good job of faking it though

"...I ordered the triple neck version--Mandolin, six string, ten string (top two strings are single, and the the fretboard underneath them is scalloped from the 12th to 27th frets).

Mando just has my standard acoustic setup:

  • Bridge piezo
  • Center-mounted '44 or '46 Tele bridge pickup (potted with goose fat)
  • Internal IR system
  • Neumann CMV 563 mounted on the top bout via gooseneck

Six string and ten string necks both have the same pickup set up:

  • Piezos in the bridge, at the base of the neck, in the pocket of the case, and sunk in the concrete 15" below grade in the basement
  • Humbucker in the lead position is actually two narrow humbuckers which are each actually two vertically stacked humbuckers. That's a total of EIGHT magnets, or what we now called "Quad-humbucking." This eliminates all noise, that normal humbuckers do, plus any noise you might be thinking about. Plus more noise than that. These pickups are great for playing classical music, like Fibonnacci and shit.
  • Output of the Quad-buckers is intense. It can't be measured using digital meters--which is OK, because digital meters sound like shit and also were never used for blues. Basically though, these pickups are so loud that you don't really need an amp. Which is cool, because they don't make good amps anymore anyway. Not like that one kind that they only made for a few years. Those were the only good ones, and you can't get them anymore. I know I've never even HEARD of one.
  • Middle pickup is the same as the lead pickup, wired backwards to eliminate noise in the OTHER instruments on stage.
  • Neck pickup is another lead pickup, mounted lengthwise and upside-down. This eliminates SO MUCH noise that if you turn all three pickups on at once, you will literally forget what all brass wind instruments sound like. This setting works best during college football season. Also, on its own, this pickup always sounds EXACTLY LIKE HENDRIX!
  • Since the lead pickup alone can be split 64 possible ways, plus out of phase, pickup selection can't be done with switches. The guitar is equipped with a quad-core Xeon processor, running "WANXIX"--a purpose-built O/S for switching guitar pickups. It's addressed through a standard 104-key keyboard (Windows or COMMAND key is required in order to access some of the advanced pickup settings). You can bind keystrokes to specific pickup settings. For example, I simply use [SHIFT +CTRL+CAPS LOCK+TAB+;] for my lead sound. Of course, it will also send email and Twitter.

Six and ten string necks both have Floyd Rose trems, set up to float. They also feature the new Nut Trem(tm), which is the first trem designed to mount at the nut. This answers a question asked by every guitarist since Segovia: "How do I work the whammy WHILE I'm tapping?" If you set up the Nut Trem with the new Long Bar(TM), you can be assured of ALWAYS being in reach of a trem. And the Mouthguard Long Bar(TM) attachment lets me use the trem with my face, so I can tap on both necks at once!

And of course, the headstocks are all shaped like an effin' DAGGER!"

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annoying as heck

Today's inflammatory statement

Two big reasons why newspapers are dying:

1) They aren't very good at what they do
2) Most of their audience wouldn't be able to tell the difference if newspapers were any better at what they do.

It's just a plea for attention. Don't fall for it.
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