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Nothing but Formula 1 [Sep. 17th, 2009|12:59 pm]
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  • Ferrari: Hooray for Fisi! I think it was nice of them to give Luca a shot, but it just goes to show the Scuderia's preparedness that they had a back-up Cinderella. Forza Fisi!

    Oh yeah - dump Kimi while there is still value, keep Massa. On his day, Kimi can be faster, for sure. And I like him. But you shouldn't have to tell a Ferrari driver to try no matter what, I don't think the Kimster is going to be around for long, and there are going to be some nice options to replace him now which might not be available when he goes, given that there will be more seats out there.

    Massa tries and tries, and now that he has his head together, could be a champion in a good car.

  • Excellent work by Force India. I hope that there was some plan for the season at work in there. To wit "Let's just make the car good enough in certain conditions to get some points. Then next year we'll have more loot to play with going for more points."

    If they drop back down the grid for the rest of the season, they have still had a great year. I maligned Sutil for a long time. He's coming good now, and Liuzzi may be able to run with him. It's looking good.

  • Brawn: Keep on keeping on. This season is yours. It will be sad if Bunsen manages to fail this, but also happy if Ruby manages to win it. Constructors is yours to lose either way. Well done, gentlemen.

  • McLaren: You are bringing me down, man. Find a way to make it work without Ron. He's busy now.

    Dump Heikki. He's good enough to be in F1, but not good enough to be in a competitive McLaren.

    What's that? Yeah, I kinda figured. You're the only ones who can offer him what Ferrari can, and I think his beef was mostly with Ron anyway. I don't think he'll go to either of you for more than a year if he can't be absolutely number one though. And you'd be fools to tell him he could be.

  • Williams: I am worried about these guys. I don't think that more teams are going to bode well for them, as this is just going to exacerbate the ability of folks to ignore the history of the sport. Yes, I am saying that some teams should get special treatment, though not necessarily officially. Take off your red hat before you argue with me about this.

  • Renault: WEEEEELLLLLL! I never! If things are as they are being made to appear, and it was Symonds more than The Flav behind all this, then I am really shocked. Symonds appeared to be a real racer, and The Flav appeared to be, well, The Flav--to the point at which I tend to refer to anyone who is obviously shifty as heck, completely untrustable, and yet somehow charismatic as "A total Flav."

    Nelson Jr. (I think, despite his protest, he proved himself a Junior) was not good enough at F1 to be in F1. That's sad. It is also no reason to for him to drive into a wall in order to keep the job. If these allegations are true, all three of them should be gone forever. NONE of them should be allowed to have anything to do with anything FIA-sanctioned.

    Let Flav go off and be "colourful" (that's an F1 word that used to mean "actually a cool person." Now it means "acts like that shitbag that makes the "Girls Gone Wild" videos), Junior go off and run a company somewhere, and Pat Symonds, like the rest of us, wonder how such an excellent career ended like that.

    Will any reasonable penalty be enough to make Renault decide to leave F1? As the sanctioning body, the FIA must not worry about that. They have to at least give the impression that they care about the sport itself, and not just the business of it.

    Also, Alonso leaving should be about as surprising as that one guy moving to Madrid this year to fall down a lot for millions of dollars..

  • Sauber (which I hope they will be called). Nice move, BMW. When the bandages come off, you will probably have completely normal use of the foot, though the toes the bullet hit might ache a bit in the Spring and Fall.

    I will say this now: Peter Sauber was the best of the last of the independent team principals. He was not loud, he was not "colourful," but he ran a competitive team, brought in a ridiculous amount of talent, and did not make a fool of anyone. I hope these guys can keep it together. I hope they can build a car that is not a huge disappointment. And I hope Dr. Theissen gets a job that allows him to have some success being the decent, capable guy he appears to be. And Mario, if you've fooled me on that, shame on me.

    They should try to keep both drivers (though I don't think they will be able to keep Koob). They should figure out a way to keep Heidfeld thinking that his back is against the wall. He's really good when he's motivated. Otherwise, not so much.

    If they lose Koob, they should put Fabian Cancellara in the other car. Seriously. He's Swiss, he's got the heart of a lion, and he's a nice fellow. And you KNOW he'll qualify well.

  • Red Bull: Keep everyone. Next year is going to be better.

  • Toro Rosso: Whatever.

  • Toyota: Get it the eff together dudes. It's been what--3.5 billion dollars and your drivers are STILL way too good for your car? You KNOW Honda is a smaller company than you, right?

  • I am really excited about the USGP team. Not because I think they have a hope, or because I even care how they do. I'm just really looking forward to only having Peter Windsor onscreen as much as say, Patrick Head, and not having Windsor's annoying and often completely off-base prattling interrupt the broadcast. The annoying part was that he was very occasionally insightful, which made it hard to completely ignore him. Now that he's trying to make an F1 team with all American drivers, it will be very easy to ignore him indeed.

  • Now if we could just get Sam Posey to do the same thing, or at least stop doing his "Open Mic at Campus Coffee" act, things would be great, and the mute button on my remote wouldn't wear out quite so fast.

  • I'm starting a pool on where Gascoyne will end up once he pisses off everyone at Lotus. Also, if you get the month in which he leaves the team right, your prize is doubled.

    ...and that's how you double your money. Aren't you glad you read all this?
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    [User Picture]From: patioratio
    2009-09-17 07:54 pm (UTC)
    I'm just wondering with all the new teams... who's going to lose pit crew members and engineers? Methinks Williams and Renault won't be able to afford to keep who they have now so a brain drain and skills positions may lose out on those teams.

    Also... my tv is small. I don't have internets... I can't tell what the time left of qualifying is or what lap the race is this year becasue the ticker is too high up for my screen. sadpanda
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    [User Picture]From: netdud
    2009-09-17 08:08 pm (UTC)
    I don't think that any of the new teams are going to have the money to poach very many technical people for a while. Remember that a lot of these teams were forming up as a result of the "40 million dollar budget" bait and switch earlier in the year.

    Of course, as the season's gone so far, they could probably make an attractive job offer if they promised a bonus every time someone in the crew gets electrocuted or run over...

    I have the same problem with the top getting cut off of the broadcast on my TV as well. It was easier to deal with in the earlier part of the season:

    - If you saw "MAS" slide down the board during a quali round, and everyone in the Ferrari pit looked like they just farted in church, you knew there were only 2 minutes left in the round.

    - If Piquet Jr was still running, you knew there was more than half a race left.

    - The top position was always Button, so you only had to know about everyone from 2 down anyway.

    Now it's all confusticating.
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    From: (Anonymous)
    2009-09-21 10:50 pm (UTC)


    The only thing more boring than car racing is synchronized swimming - will you be posting about that soon too? I can hardly wait...
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    [User Picture]From: netdud
    2009-09-22 07:35 am (UTC)

    Re: yawn

    Shhh! The grown-ups are talking.
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